Sign Up for Summer Reading!

Welcome to the Summer Reading Program 2020!

All the District branch libraries are using READsquared for this year's Summer Reading Program! 

It's free and fun for Pre-K, children, teens, and adults [see below]. 

Summer Reading starts June 1st! 

You can register on a computer or download the READsquared app for your phone or device [apple and Android]. 

  • Participate in reading programs by tracking reading and logging activity for all your readers.
  • Unlock digital badges, learning activities, and other incentives as provided by your library.
  • Parents have full access to all family accounts, reading, activity and statistics while allowing family members to have individual accounts.
  • One-click logging provides parents with an easy way to log reading for all family members. [For example: If you read a story to all three of your kids, the app lets you enter it once and it counts for all three!] 
  • Get book recommendations, play games, do puzzles, and win prizes!  Don't miss the fun!

    To register for yourself and/or your children using the app

    • Open the app
    • Choose Yavapai County Free Library District from the dropdown [not your library's name].  
    • Click Register
    • Follow instructions to enter your/your child's age, select the program[s] your want to participate in, and fill out your information. Repeat for each family member you want to register.

    To register for yourself and/or your children on a computer, click here.

    • Click Register on the top right. 
    • Enter your [or your child's] age. 
    • Select your program.  The programs available will be for the age you selected.
    • Fill out the registration form
    • If you have more family members to register, click Account on the top right and select Add Child Account from the list.  Repeat for each family member you want to register.

    Adult Summer Reading Program

    Why join a Summer Reading Program as an adult?

    Reading actually has a number of benefits for adults and just adding 20 minutes a day can make a huge change in your life. Plus it's just fun and you deserve it!

    Benefits include

    • Mental stimulation
    • Stress reduction
    • Knowledge & new information
    • Vocabulary expansion
    • Memory improvement
    • Stronger analytical thinking skills
    • Improved focus & concentration
    • Better writing skills
    • Tranquility
    • Free entertainment